Monday, February 4, 2008

back in the game

By gones are by gones, if its yellow let it mellow, lets get fired up ..fuck ya-

xo al

Thursday, October 25, 2007

death dagger displacement hull

as you all know lately the death dagger model at gato heroi has' been all the rage....under my feet and flying of the shelves....that is untill now!!!


inspired by my new found love for extreme fin flex and greg liddle designs.....this 9 foot...thats right this is a 9 footer......hang ten and wiggle in the middle

as thin as fuck, the board comes complete with that vintage look

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Monday, October 1, 2007

julie harts press release

oh ya pics of my friend julie.

well where do i begin.... shes a cobra snake frequent, avalon bar local and resides in the city of angels. talking to her is like pulling teeth... sometimes she wears her hair curly. this blog post would not be possible if it werent for her . thanks jules.. stay shy

Friday, September 28, 2007

BLACK LIPS!!..good bad not evil

So one of my favorite recording artists slash groups, The BLACK LIPS have come out with another album. entitled "good bad not evil". im not a music critic but if i was id go on ranting their plus and minuses as a band. Then id weigh out this ALBUM verse previous releases. soon after id compare each track to either an obscure indie rock favorite, or make an outlandish broad statment saying it sounds like early east coast new wave... but im not so Fuck it and buy it..ya its sick bro

my favorite line on the album "spray paint a penis on the wall"



Monday, August 6, 2007

do you smoke more than your parents

its been in my face, its been around my lungs and in my lungs shitloads the past few years. Is it because im getting older and losing my innoscence? Or am I just hangin around dirtbags


I had two disussions on this subject with two very different people yesterday.
One with darren rademaker (close friend, further,tyde,beachwood sparks, ect).
The other one with some dude working for camel ciggarettes handing out free smokes at the echo...

Darren seemed to believe smoking is more popular than ever, at least amongst the kids, fans ,musicians, loosers and winners. What I mean by this is everyone that would consider smokin, is doing so and with out a care. the reason being people dont give a fuck, theres a sense of hopelessness in almost every aspect of the new generation. The obvious reasons....war, americans being hated, gas prices, record stores closing, a terrible goverment, parents divorcing, ect, ect. What ever it is, small scale to large truth is no one really cares. they still go through the motions whether theyre 16 and fucking around with myspace, or 46 and sittin in traffic...
people though content act in ways with a hopleless undertone numb and satisfied.

then the camel guy, as he handed me smokes i asked " dude bet youre busy"....he replied ya "free ciggaretts why not?" i then asked him if he thought kids smoke more now or say 10 years ago.. he confidently replied "every kid smokes now"..."they dont really care". I asked why? he than carelessly explained almost the same thing that darren did. Using the word "Hopeless kids " standin around... he said this world fucked why would they care about their lungs..

obviously this is a small nipple on the the giant tit of a subject no expert in grammer or debate

just keepin it filterless-
go big kids


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dude guess what

chris vail is from the nard, full nard core sickness, but now hes shredding the nupes and gettin drunk at avalon, he loves girls and has gained a new respect for death daggers and dr. dog( is the best band in the world by the way) look for chris playin bass in our band...ya dude hes the new japanese motor and hes from the nard....

Friday, May 25, 2007

lost surfboards digs me more than meth

So heres one for you...

We all just went down to Cabo for the SIMA surf summit. A bunch of seminarsand crap ..but mainly a big excuse to party and surf in the hot dessert.We had our whole crew of about 12 of us from ...Lost and my surfshops(Catalyst) down to stoked the boys out a bit. We were - out at one of thepoints along a dirt road in nowhere land and had just left thewater...drinking beers on the beach and what ever..along walks up some fruity kid with a longboard covered with somthing thatlooked like puke smeared with a diaper and sporting a black an redhorizontal striped longjohn wetsuit (in boiling hot water in scorching hotdessert.Next runs up the point Rat Boy Collins and a fotographer...Its Hank (Who isa Nihlistic legend by the way)..sporting a freshly sewn up split eye withbruises and fat lip to boot.Anyay, I shout out to Jason (ratboy) "Whos that little pillow biter yourhanging out with?""Huh?""You know, that little girl on the longboard with the striped dres/i meanwetsuit""Oh, thats just Alex"Then the peanut gallery chimes in "Is he Gay? are you sharing a room?"Rat shrugs it off and paddles out, quickly poping an air or two.Then it starts, The little queen catches waves and does the most unabashedballarina premadona posed surfing antics I have ever seen in my entirelife...Joel Tudor has struck less poses in his carrer than this kid did intwo waves.I was with my family (wife and three kids) so left the beach for the driveback to the hotel ...and left the abuse for the peanut gallery.Evidently, they preoceeded toline up along the beach and in unison mimickedevery hyper extended pose the little priss could come up with...Hammeringthe poor boy for his entire preplanned faux arthouise ingenue surfingexpose'....We returned to the Hotel for a group dinner and The boys were really havinga laugh.It reminded me of somthing that happend in Chillis place while I was justthere. Noodles had been bringing in all his RCVA stuff and carried in a few socalled paintings that looked like someone had a problem with his dadbeating him up painted them with his left hand even though he was righthanded (They do this as to hide the fact that they cant really draw or paintanyways).I mention the paintings to Noodles and he told me who did them, and askedwhat I thought." I think that you could shove a two foot tall paint brush up my ass holeand I could squat down over a canvas and do better paintings"...EASILY!The kids name was Alex knost and evidently hes hot shit right now.all name , no game.and people like you tell the kids that this is talent ......shame shame.> Matt, >

Friday, May 18, 2007

more gothness

stills fromthe upcoming goth big gay al.oakland killer motion picture

Thursday, May 17, 2007

flying saucers (costa mesa)

the flying saucers

ya so theres 19 bands with the same name...who the fuck cares

FLYING SAUCERS are the best band in the world...

....and you can usually see them for free at the avalon bar in costa mesa located super duper convenient on west side 19th street

goth- rock surf sleds

the hull,

it holds a subtle old lines , ....advocated by gothic enthusiasts.

as my status on the subject yet remains virgin in comparison to the unexposed foil junkies thriving in santa barb, the bay and the valley. visions of higher lines and thinner turns fill buckets of curiosity and disregarded elements ... genuine and illusional at last